Kuan Yin carving

Quan Yin

The majority of our shrines are created just one or a few at a time in limited productions series in order to maintain craftsmanship and the fine feeling level of sacredness in the shrines.

We do, however, also create one-of-a kind shrines for special and antique statues. They can be for a statue someone already has, or one which we may have available. We are also happy to direct you to helpful sources for good statues. These shrines may be custom ordered, if we can accommodate you within a reasonable time frame. In these cases we would suggest materials, sizes, colors and other options like lighting, feng shui, gems, and so on, for your approval. A contract and deposit would be required for us to begin construction.

We will also be providing cabinets and bases for our shrines to sit on, whether you intend to use the shrine in your meditation room or living room or entry. These will be shown on the web site in the near future.

If your statue is a little small for a particular size shrine that we have, we can also help with blocks or bases to raise and effectively enlarge the statue.

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