The energy of the great spiritual Beings is available to those who call, and especially to those who go inward and work toward higher vibrational attunement, which is available to all, through various processes of meditation, and prayer. It is not surprising, then that statues and their shrines, which can amplify the energy coming through the statues, have been created as a symbol and focus for this exchange and lifting energy.

Home Buddha Shrine / Japan
Shrines may be small and private or large and public, but the basic energetic is similar. Since giving attention to something is a focusing of energy in a particular direction, some shrines and temples have become very powerful from human attention directed to the Being enshrined there.

I have found in my own experience, that putting a statue in a shrine is much like putting a reflector behind a light bulb. The statue of the enlightened being may be beautiful, but when put in its own home, or on its own stage, I find the energy to intensify.

  Kuan Yin and shrine / China
The purpose of a shrine is certainly to provide a stage for the interaction of Divine energy and human energy seeking and becoming more divine.

For me it is bringing the sacred into my home and my work and my own body, mind and spirit.
At a time when so little is held sacred in our world, I find that creating shrines, and having them in one's own space provides the sweetest of energy.

If you have a statue of some great Being, or are feeling to have one, please consider having a shrine for it to live in. Please give Her or Him your love and attention and care, and enjoy the relationship that develops with this being living in your home and awareness.

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