Large Portrait Shrine with Sthapatya Vedic Proportions

23" x 59" x 6"
Price without picture:

Portrait Shrines

Fir and Ponderosa Pine with paint and hand-woven fabric. Other colors and shapes available.

Small Sthapatya Vedic Portrait Shrine

(without roof)
23" x 31" x 6"
Price without picture:

It is customary and respectful in many traditions to honor Beings who have gone before us (on the path) or who stand before us in the light. While some traditions hold it to be inappropriate to have statues, people often choose to display pictures of elders, or a prophet, or a saint, or of masters such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, or Satya Sai Baba, or of one's own Guru.

To facilitate this, we are designing three-panel frames to hold from one to three pictures. To begin, these will be available in a simplified gothic vocabulary and also in Indian motif.

As with statues, pictures of enlightened Beings bring their presence into one's life. Of course, this is a two-way street. On the one hand, shakti or wisdom or benevolence may come through this portal. On the other, a number of gurus, who are or who have recently been in this dimension, have suggested that students speak their needs or desires to a picture of the guru, and that the message will be received.


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