This shrine is from the Gothic tradition, which is one of the most graceful forms of sacred architecture. The spires lift the spirit and connect our consciousness with higher vibrational, cosmic energy.

A statue of Jesus could also be used in this shrine, or perhaps one of Saint Francis.

Mother Mary, Mother of Jesus, is the Beloved Mother energy of much of the western world. Through Her divine compassion and focus, She was able to hold the Immaculate Concept of Jesus throughout his life, and His trials, to help Him fulfill His mission on earth. She works closely with the Angelic Realm, which is why She is often depicted with angels around Her. Mary also worked with the disciples before and after Jesus' resurrection, to bring forth the Christ teachings and to raise the vibration and awareness of humanity from the material level to the divine, which is available to all.

Mary represents Grace, Healing, Humility, and Virtue, and works with building the heart value in all who call to Her. Mother Mary (or Virgin Mary) is an Ascended Master working in multi-dimensional capacity, who is always available to those who seek Her comfort or support, or require Her upliftment on the spiritual path.

Mother Mary Shrine:
Size: base 23.5in. x 23.5in./height 62in.
opening 21in. x 48in.
for statues 24in to 30in. Made from Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Sugar Maple and Purple heart
Introductory price $1585
(without statue)


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