The making of shrines is in itself an act of creating sacred spaces, which provide the sanctum from which the Being or Deva can radiate their shakti (divine life force). It is something like creating speaker boxes for a good stereo. It structures special places of resonance, in which the energy can be amplified.

In order to create the best shrines, we use natural materials as much as we can, beautiful woods, stone, fabrics, and so forth. These can respond to and hold the higher vibrations coming through the statues.

If you have been in any of the great cathedrals, or temples in India or elsewhere, or even in an antique shop you have probably been aware of how materials in this dimension hold vibration. This is why great temples feel good to us and some antiques or old houses will feel good if they were loved or cared for, or may feel uncomfortable. Also the energetic of machines is generally disruptive to the human system, which is why many new homes and other machine-made goods often feel unsettled.

Roof frame for shrine


Hand planing shrine base

So in our work with the shrines, we do as much hand work and hand finishing as possible. We use Japanese hand planes and oil finishes (expect for the platform itself which is varnished for protection.) This attention and love counters the machine vibrations and leaves a rich feeling in the piece to support its purpose as a resonator for the Being enshrined in it.

The designs we work with pull on the design traditions in the area of the world from which the statues originate. Were we to try to miniaturize large shrines or temples, the time and cost would be prohibitive, so our designs are more simple and yet evocative. Our Sthapatya Vedic shrines are created with correct proportions, to provide proper vastu for the Mahadevas. Kuan Yin's shrines work with Her Feng Shui.

We will be making shrines in limited series, signed and dated. And when we have wonderful old statues we will do one-of-a kind shrines which will be more special and sometimes more elaborate.

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