This shrine has a statue, a depiction, of Saraswati, the female Mahadeva of creative energy. Through Her type of energy, God creates matter, "things" and actions in the universe.

You are welcome to pick your own statue of the Mahadeva with which you feel affinity, or wish to receive energetically in your life.

These shrines are in the Sthapatya Vedic tradition or, we could say, are designed and built to create correct vastu. This means that their proportions are correct and appropriate to house and give forth the energy of those aspects of consciousness called Mahadevas.

Everything in creation is intelligent energy, or consciousness, and the Mahadevas are primary aspects of this consciousness and should not be confused with God or the Godhead as understood in the West. These particular shrines are made to a generic set of proportions, which is good as a stage for any of the Mahadevas.

This shrine has a statue of the playful Krishna, whose energy is associated with maintaining creation, matter, "things," structures and forms as we perceive them. Krishna keeps all creation in balance, so that it does not just dissolve back into the primordial silence of God being.

Sthapatya Ved Shrines:

Size: base 23.5in x 23.5in./height 57in./opening 17in x 22in.
for statues 12in to 15in
Made from Maple, Mahogany
Inroductory price: $2900
(without statue)

I used to worship the Deity in the Kali Temple. It was suddenly revealed to me that everything is Pure Spirit. The utensils of worship, the alter, the door frame - all Pure Spirit. Men, animals, and other living beings - all Pure Spirit. Then like a madman I began to shower flowers in all directions. Whatever I saw I worshipped.

-- Ramakrishna    

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