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To purchase a shrine or if you have any questions, please contact us at: 1-866-472-6812 or email us at

All of our shrines are made with much hand work and attention. Some carving and other components are made for us in China and Inda by our people there and then added to the shrines in progress here.

We do limited series of shrines of a particular size, style, wood and then work on another style and shape. We have both interior shrines and shrines for outdoor use. If you like a particular shrine and it fits your statue and taste, please order while it is availiable. All of the shrines are signed and dated by the main craftsmen and craftswomen. If the shrine you choose is not in stock, we will be happy to give you a time frame for construction and take your order if you desire.

Kuan Yin carving
probably late 1700's
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We also do one-of-a-kind shrines for special statues, which may have more select or rare materials, gold leaf, lighting, gems, and so forth. We do have some statues available and can recommend links to others.

In addition, we will suggest ways you can add decorative elements to your shrine or, for instance, change the color of the silk curtain with the seasons. We will also give you ideas for fostering a wonderful relationship with the Being you are enshrining.

Because our work is intended to provide a sacred space (vastu) for your statue, and so must work for them and for you, we would appreciate talking to you to make sure you will get what you need. If you have a statue you wish to put in a shrine, please measure the height and width for us so we can make a recommendation.


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