Small Buddha Shrines / Japan
This is a small shrine to Buddha, who is recognized as the God within each of us. While there is one God, God is necessarily in everything as the primary energy of the highest and purest vibration. Although humans have the free will to take God energy and misqualify it, lower it, some God light is still inherent in all levels and aspects of creation. When we connect with that Light or God vibration, and become fully one with it, as we all were in the beginning, then we
become “Buddha” meaning the Awakened One. And then the light can be reinforced where we put our attention.

This statue of a graceful walking Buddha is from Thailand. The shrine itself picks up design elements from the Japanese and Thai vocabularies. Shrines representing more of Tibetan Buddhism design will be introduced in the future.


Buddha Shrines
Size: base 25in x 21in./height 40in/opening 15in x 30in for statues 15in to 21in
Made from Douglas Fir, Alaskan Yellow Cedar and Western Red Cedar
Introductory Price $1335 (without statue)


There are number of different Buddhas, and different aspects of Buddha, relating to healing, wealth, fearlessness, and so on. If you are not aware of them, you might enjoy Lillian Too’s The Buddha Book for an overview, to see which energetic you would like most to invite into your life and home.

Small Buddha Shrines
Size: base 20in x 15in

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